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Eggport Lists are the go-to websites for low cost, fast action buying and selling.

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  • Unlimited, Uncensored Advertising Copy
  • Ample Photos Allowed
  • Link to your website if you have one
  • Link to a video if you have one
  • No other ads will be run anywhere on your page
  • Your ad can't be negatively flagged
  • Your ad will not ever be ghosted
  • All photos are large and directly on your page
  • Ad looks great on all devices
  • Most ads run for a full 45 days
  • Free edits
  • Most ads just $10
  • No Registration Required

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Isn't this a great looking website?

Clean.  Open.  Simple.  Uncluttered.  Easy to read.

Your ad not only gets its own listing in the proper classified section on one of our Eggport Lists, but if you wish you also get a full page Display Ad with unlimited copy, many photos, and plenty of room to say everything you wish.

You can include links to your own website if you have one, links to any videos you may have, and you can take as much space as you need to give the potential buyers a reason to get in touch with you.

You may have noticed that we already do a pretty good job of getting your visitors primed, excited and eager to read your ad. This ample space gives you plenty of opportunity to close the deal.

Did you know there will be no other advertising on the page with your Display Ad?  Not even a list of the other classified sections on the particular Eggport List your listing is on.  You are paying for eyeballs here, and we are not going to put anything else on your page that will pull those eyeballs away from your ad.

Think about it. Why would anyone pay good money to have an ad or listing online, but then allow that ad to be surrounded by competing ads?  That would be absurd, wouldn’t it?

We will not do that to you.

Your page is your page and yours alone.  Sell what you are selling!  But don’t spend your money to help someone else sell their stuff on a page you paid for!  That’s nuts.

More good news.  Your ad will be optimized to look great on all devices.  Whether your prospect is viewing your ad on a cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or big screen TV, it will display properly!  Try it yourself right now.  Make your browser window wider or narrower, and see how this page adapts to the screen size.  This allows your prospect to focus on the content of your ad, not his or her device.  Even our shimmering black borders and that sharp red line at the top of the screen are designed to separate your display ad from their browser's menus and such.

Very important:  Unlike those free, community edited classified sites, your ad on an Eggport List can not be flagged for removal by a competitor, an ex, or someone having issues.  The First Amendment and our policies protect your ad from indiscriminate removal.  That alone is worth our low cost, isn't it?

No ad ghosting, either.  We won't lead you to believe your ad has been approved and is live, but then hide it from everyone else in the world but you.  Some of those free sites do that all the time.  We don't.

You know how important your photos are, right? Those photos typically make or break a sale.  You gotta have photos.  We include all your photos - at a good size size, too - on the same page as your display ad.  Potential buyers don't have to click and click and click on tiny thumbnails to see what you are selling, and then wind up being annoyed with you after finding that each click has opened another new window!  We keep everything in your display ad - all the big pictures, all your info, everything - on one page.  Yes, it is more expensive for us to do that for you, but we know that tiny pictures and constant clicking will not get you anywhere.  Oh... we'll watermark your photos for you, too, to help eliminate fraud.

Most ads are just $10 and run for 45 days unless you tell us to remove it sooner.  Edits are free.

And there is no registration requirement or fees whatsoever needed to look around anywhere on any Eggport List.  We don't place cookies on computers or track anyone's browsing habits.  Everyone is free to view our Eggport Lists anonymously.  That means even more eyeballs seeing your ad!

Eggport Lists has much more to come.  We are just getting started and we can’t wait to put it in gear and stand on the gas!

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